Christmas Packaging Contest 2009 - My Theme - "Recycle"

Well, I'll keep this short and sweet and show mostly photos. If you'll read a recent post, you'll get the background story on this crazy Christmas packaging contest between my sister and I.

My theme this year is "recycle". Actually, most years you might as well say the theme is recycle, since it used from scrap or trash. But this year, truly recyclable materials.

Yes, two bows were made out of melted water bottles (and poker chips for a little "pop"). Ribbons and bows made out of magazine pages cut in strips, Diet Coke or Sierra Mist cans, or plastic bags. Brown paper, newspaper print, yellow pages, aluminum foil and a few bread wrappers here and there were also used. Some lucky winners received gift cards in aluminum cans, Mason jars or jelly jars...what can I say?

And of course, lots of tape and glue.



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