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Kitchen - Thrill Of The Dig

For whatever reason, I love to look at a room of a "fixer-upper" and determine the challenges, and how to solve them.  Even more, I love the "dig", taking a room a part, piece by piece, like it is a puzzle, enjoying the unexpected discoveries along the way, and getting it down to a clean slate.
This is the picture of the kitchen before I started tearing it apart. Lovely, isn't it?  In it's day, it certainly was, but it probably has not been updated in 40-50 years, and obviously I can't do carpet in a kitchen.
One of the first things I did was take the ceiling fan down (of course), and because I could not figure out how to get it down in once piece, this was an added feature in one of our bonfires.  I then took up part of the carpet (which was glued to subfloor for added exercise) and pulled out the refrigerator (guessing it is from the 1960s at the latest).  This, of course, was after I took off the door, because I could not get it to budge, at first, and…