Sometimes Our Most Creative Projects Are Our Friendships

One of my best friends is a friend I met...who knows, 15+ years ago? Chancie Goodwin went to Murray State University, like I did, but we never crossed paths. I met her later though her sister-in-law, who was a friend of mine and also went to Murray State University, and ironically enough, another fellow student that I didn't know until I moved to Nashville.

Chancie happens to have a beautiful voice, and while I've heard it in many car rides and sometimes at weddings and other local occassions, I've seldom heard that voice as part of a special performance. One of her friends reminded her that we should share the gifts God has provided, and I'm glad she was asked by that friend to perform a few songs at a Nashville-area church. I hope she continues sharing that gift.

I'm also glad that she happened to sing this song, from Wicked, "For Good." She'll talk about it in the beginning, but to repeat briefly, it is amazing how God brings people into our lives at just the right time, and how friends and mentors can mold us, inspire us, and change our course.

Chancie is one of my best friends, even though we seldom see each other due to my travel schedule and different world from her busy baseball schedule with kids and her different world. But our friendship strengthened many years ago, just when we needed it. I remember rather distinctly that it was during a time when my father died suddenly, and she was the type of friend that I could call at 2 a.m. for support.

She's still one of those friends to me. And while this may not be an art project, home remodel or new recipe as part of my blog, it is a friendship that has had just as much effort and reward as some of my creative projects around the house.

Hope you enjoy; her sister and a friend of mine also, Katie, performs with her. Hope they both don't kill me for putting it on my blog, Facebook was giving me issues when trying to post on my page.


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